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Erin Lawrence Media creates video and written content that engages audiences.

With over 20 years in the media and news industries, CEO Erin Lawrence is a well-known and respected content veteran. As principal of Erin Lawrence Media Inc.(launched in 2013), Erin and her team create strong, engaging content: videos, blogs, social media and more. Erin works with a dedicated and talented group of Canadian, U.S. and international freelance writers, editors and content producers to create professional content for clients and her own media properties; the YouTube Channel ErinLawrenceTV, and and

With extensive video and production experience as well as a proven talent for writing on some of today's hottest tech news websites, corporate websites and blogs, plus magazine and newspaper articles, Erin is experienced and ready to help you craft the messaging you need.

A renowned storyteller (winner of two Edward R Murrow Awards for Journalism) and project manager, Erin worked for many years both locally and nationally as a TV news producer, and that experience means she’s uniquely and deftly able to manage competing deadlines and multiple priorities.

Erin has contributed to and managed numerous social media profiles and accounts, and has grown as an influencer and social media expert, and can help you share your brand’s stories across multiple platforms. With tens of thousands of followers across multiple accounts on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more, Erin truly understands what it means to engage your audience, fans and customers.

Looking to sharpen your media outreach? With experience working as a reporter, news anchor, cameraperson, assignment editor and producer, Erin understands what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting your message out:

Story first. Without the spammy sales pitches.

Erin has been an invited speaker at numerous conferences and events, including The Social Summit, Rotary Club of Canada, and Young Women of Power.

Erin has a Master's Degree in Journalism from the University of Western Ontario in London, and has been named to the Top 40 Under 40 by Avenue Magazine, and the Top 100 Twitter Influencers in Calgary. She has minor obsessions with technology, gemology, architecture and travel.

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"Working with Erin was easy for us and we've developed a long term collaboration. She's easy to work with, responsive to our brand's needs, collaborative and creative and delivers content on time that's great quality and has high production values."

-Maria S., FOREO Inc

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Erin on our partnership! She’s a talented content creator and our team loved the YouTube review she put together for our brand. Not only is Erin easy to work with and very responsive, she provided a high-quality video that elevated our brand awareness and Google search ranking. We couldn’t have asked for a better collaboration!"

-Claire W., Molekule

"I worked with Erin for a product launch on behalf of a client and greatly appreciated her prompt communication and professionalism. The content she provided was high quality, informative, and addressed our client's needs. Erin made things easy by delivering the content on time and driving strong results."
-Laura G., 85Sixty

Writing Samples

History with a Twist: Joseph Eichler’s little known project

Published in Atomic Ranch
Taking on the renovation of a mid-century home is always a challenge. In Fullerton, California, there’s added pressure when the homes are a beloved local symbol of a bygone era.

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Enduring Design: My Midcentury Obsession

Published by

I thought my vintage midcentury dining set finally met its end during a move 10 years ago when the table, with legs removed, rolled off a moving truck ramp, splintering like kindling. Luckily, a furniture restoration specialist (on the moving company’s dime) returned it looking like nothing ever happened.

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Food Fraud: is your food what it claims to be?

In the criminal underworld, there are a handful of stock goods every bad guy can move. Guns, drugs, illegally modified weapons, tobacco products, olive oil…. Wait, what?
Nefarious characters dabbling in a product usually known for its dazzling drizzling and heart-healthy properties? True story.

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Cover Story: Urban Fare’s careful expansion

Canadian Grocer magazine.
In Calgary, not a lot of neighbourhoods can trace their origins back over a century. The city has it’s roots, sure, but few of those original neighbourhoods have retained their original character and historic charm like Mount Royal, in the city’s southwest quadrant. With a proud past, and particular architectural character, it was a challenge to integrate a huge new commercial development into the neighbourhood known for its walkable charm and vintage vibrancy.

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Unfortunate Incident, Great Beer Story

Co-op Wine Spirits Beer
When you come across a beer called Hijacked IPA, you might assume it gets its name from market research, or the future ability to craft some puns out of the name for ads. In this case, Citizen Brewing Company’s Hijacked IPA got its name from an unbelievably poorly timed yet brazen overnight theft, and the subsequent fallout.

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We’re doing Mexican food all wrong

Canada, freelance, writer, calgary, toronto, vancouver, academic, best, corporate, blogger, writing, website, story

When it comes to ‘Taco Tuesday’ in most Canadian homes, it’s not uncommon to see folks reaching for a pack of crunchy taco shells. But Jose Ricardo Rodriguez wants you to know that if you’re going for the genuine Mexican experience, that’s not it. Crunchy taco shells are a decidedly North American twist on a Mexican tradition. And it turns out we’ve been filling tacos all wrong, too. 

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Weekly reviews & articles for Best Buy

Erin writes weekly articles for Best Buy Canada’s consumer blog. Articles include reviews, how-to articles, announcements and features, as well as corporate website content and SEO-optimized copy. See all Erin’s articles on Best Buy Canada’s Blog.  

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AHS leads nation in evolution of safer ambulance design
Ian Blanchard remembers well his final shift working in the back of an ambulance — it was the day his career caring for patients one-on-one came to an early, unplanned end.

“I was stepping over some cables that ran from the stretcher to a monitor on the side counter, and I grabbed onto the stretcher for support, but the mechanism broke and I started to fall,” recalls Blanchard. “I landed on the floor in a small stairwell that’s off to the side.”

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Road Trip: California’s Palms to Pines Scenic Byway
Greater Palm Springs is known for its beautiful scenery and warm weather, but just a few miles to the south is a scenic drive that offers high mountain wilderness and serpentine roads—all under two hours, provided you don’t stop at some of the gorgeous sights along the way. The drive? The Palms to Pines Scenic Byway, an officially designated scenic drive by the Bureau of Land Management.

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Tent meets treehouse: innovative roof tent keeps predators at bay

Calgary Herald.
Chad Kendrick and his fiancée woke in the middle of the night to grunting and snorting. A bear was outside, rustling through their campsite. They were in a tent, and they were trapped. Terrified, they stayed still, even as the bear rubbed against the flimsy nylon and bowed the wispy fabric in toward them.

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University of Calgary researchers investigate link between physical activity and better health
It’s no surprise physical activity is beneficial to our overall health, but sometimes we aren’t able to quantify how much it helps us. University of Calgary researchers want to know whether physical activity can help cancer patients get through treatment more easily, and whether being active can also prolong their lives.

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Enter Edibles: New frontier for pot in Canada

Published in Savour Magazine.
While some are still shy about broadcasting it, many of Calgary’s chefs, restaurateurs and sommeliers are making plans—plans to infuse cannabis into their business model as edibles enter the legal realm. All sorts of opportunities are emerging, including entirely new career paths.

Andrew Freedman is a cannabis sommelier. His job is to help newbies and connoisseurs navigate the brave new world of legalized cannabis.

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This ruined mansion is all that’s left of a family dynasty

Published in Avenue Magazine.
At its short-lived best, Lindsay’s Castle was a full storey of arched sandstone, supported by chiselled columns and wide steps, curling toward a sweeping panorama of Calgary overlooking the Elbow. This city’s history has been written in chapters of resource-driven booms and busts. So it might be apt that the nearest thing we have to a historic ruin stands sentinel to one of Calgary’s first prominent residents, who had everything, then lost it all.

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Fire investigator is part detective, part scientist

Published in the Calgary Herald.
Smoke is sometimes still choking the air when Dennis Friesen arrives to a scene, in the  hours after a devastating house fire.  There’s a chemical tang in the air that sears the nostrils, and a clean white outline on the floor.  The outline is in the shape of a person curled into the fetal position, the edges neatly painted by smoke particles.

Dennis is not with the fire department, or the police, but he’s there, in plain clothes, alongside those agencies to investigate what happened here.

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The Magically Mysterious Haskap Berry

Published in CityPalate Magazine.
“Have you seen any of these?” Like a culinary detective hunting an elusive suspect I flash a photo to a clerk at the market. 

“Sorry, no.” I try again next door.

“I’m looking for these. Know who’s got any?”

“Can’t help you.”

I get similar reactions from people all over the market until I run out of fruit stands. Yes, fruit stands.  I’m looking for a berry and though it’s said to be one of the most prolific in Alberta and western Canada, I’m met with inquisitive looks every time I ask about it. 

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